A fragile soul

They call this

That which is here

Hiding behind my eyes

Your eyes, everyones eyes

Souls caught in battle

Locked forever in place

As we see all that we see

As we do the things that hurt us

Hurt ourselves, hurt others

And they ask me

These voices I hear

They ask me

What are you going to do about it

This world in turmoil

Each soul, behind shrouded eyes

Is dying, growing inward

And what are you going to do

What can you do

Whatever I can, I answer

But what if that's just a lie

To quiet the voice inside

What if that...

Is just a lie

What then can we do

but mind our own and

Hope the world becomes better

That the millions dying everyday

From loneliness, emptiness, despair

Will stop one day and

But that's just a wish

We see with our souls

What happens on the street

And we turn our backs to it

go back to our lives in our

Single wide trailers

Our apartments, our mansions

With our wardrobes and showers

With our cars and our lives

Each day running from what we see

and this voice asks me

As I know it asks each one of you

What are you going to do about it

What can you do

To make this world a better place

What can YOU do?

What can I do?

This world won't get better

In just the blink of an eye

And it's wrong to let it just pass us by

our eyes, our soul

We see, we feel

Instead of turning away from

The beggar on the street

The homeless in the park

What can we do

I could just go on at this point

To ramble about how we give our attention

To the wars our country fights

instead of the wars our people fight on our very streets

Hunger and starvation

against our people dying

For a cause that they believe in

There is no glory in lending a helping hand

To a degenerate, a hobo, a homeless

I could go on, but,

There's only so much you can say

And so I see instead

And ask you to do the same

See with your soul,

Don't just turn away

So this turns into another message,

Against my will,

but with all of my soul

I ask you this question

Have you given to someone?

Have you given away what you have no need for

To make someone elses day better?

You go on living, and you have a place to live

We say that there is a choise, to work or not

But the truth is

And this is the bottom line

Not everybody is given equal chances

Not everybody is given the same life as us

And so we must see with our eyes

And the only question is not

What are you going to do

Or how you are going to do it

But, how many people can you reach

With the warmth of love in your heart

What difference can you make

And so with this end, there prospers a start.