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Annie died yesterday.

Yes, I know, it's sad. She was my best friend for so many years.

What? Oh, she died of suicide. That's what they all said. Suicide. She took a knife and stabbed herself.

Blood. Blood everywhere.

No, I wasn't there.

What? No, not me. I don't know her that well. Annie never told me things. No. She was mysterious. Annie was.

Depression. She used to say that she was unable to cope with her work and her family.

Yes? Yes, she has a family. Alcoholic husband and a small rude little boy. Annoying, that boy is.

What? He's dead too?

Oh, I didn't realize that. You mean she murdered the boy?

No. Yes. I met him often. He looks uncannily like –

Yes. My son? No.

I never had a son. I never married.

What miscarriage? Miscarriage? No. I told you I never HAD A SON.

Mistaken? I think you are. I had no such miscarriage. I never.

What medical records? Someone set me up.

I told you, that boy was rude. Called Charlie or something. I slapped him once when I was babysitting.

Strangled? What? Abuse? Me?

I'm innocent. I didn't do it. I never touched him. I haven't even seen him for a long time.

Yesterday? I saw him yesterday? You must be joking. I was out drinking coffee with my mother yesterday.

Passed away? What do you mean my mother's passed away? Five years? She's been gone that long?

What? What do you mean I killed Charlie? Fingerprints? Mine? No. I didn't. I didn't do it. I didn't. I never. Go away.

Annie? Annie too? Not me. I wouldn't kill Annie. ANNIE. NO. I DIDN'T.

Calm down? Shut the hell up. What do you mean, I stabbed her repeatedly? I didn't do it.

My fingerprints? All over the knife? No. I never. No. My scarf left at Charlie's body? No. Me. Not me. No.

Father? Bob? Yes, he was an alcoholic, I told you already. What? He never touched a beer in his life? He's lying. I told you he did.


WHAT D'YOU MEAN? No. I never lie. I don't. Bad. Lying bad. No. I never.

What? What madness? I'm not mad. I'm perfectly sane. I can think, I tell you. No, I didn't murder them. No.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I'm innocent. No. Don't send me away.

Not like mummy. No. No. No. No, I want my baby. No, Charlie isn't Annie's, he's mine. Mine. Mine.

My baby.

What? What do you mean it's over?

Okay. Okay. So I'm cleared?

No? I'm INNOCENT. I told you.

I don't know Annie. I never knew her. I don't know anyone. No. I never babysitted anyone.

Okay. Okay, home? Okay.

Why is it all white in here? Okay. Okay, home. Temporary rearrangement? Okay.

Tomorrow? That's fine. Come again tomorrow. I'll have cups of coffee ready.

Bye. Bye. See you.

"Madness," The man whispered quietly to his companion, under the cover of the loud muttering from the woman inside the cell.

His companion peered through the small window, making out a tiny figure rocking back and forth, talking loudly and animatedly and occasionally screaming.

"Killed a woman and her child," his friend went on softly. "Left the evidence everywhere. Proof enough that she did it."

The second security guard shifted a little, staring through the window.

"Hey, you all right, Bob?" the first guard said worriedly, bringing his new companion back to reality. "Your first day on the job here, ain't it?"

"Yeah," Bob muttered, glancing at the small figure in the cell, and then looking away.

His companion glanced at him. Maybe the new guy was compassionate, he reckoned, seeing as the man's eyes were glinting with something he could have sworn might be tears.

Bob turned his gaze to the passageway, his eyes hardening with the tint of what his partner had assumed to be compassion. It was something else entirely.


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