A/N: Hey, something I decided to write while bored during homeroom class. This song is strongly influenced by Sum 41, as you might see from the title, but has a lot of me thrown into it. I personally like this, and hope you will too. Hope to see your thoughts! This, by the way has nothing to do with my life. Maybe a little, but nothing direct.

No Shit

Smile and nod, tell me I'm not worth it.
Poke and prod, critique how I do shit!
Never know, how the hell I'm feeling,
I never show, the pain your dealing!

Tell me, I'll never be the one!
Why can't, I have some fuckin' fun?
Only laugh, when you tell me to quit!
The truth is, I don't really give a shit!
You know I'm fucking sick of it!

Think you said, that your not listening!
Think I know, that your not thinking!
Guess it's time, that I stopped faking!
Don't you know, how much your taking?

Tell me! I'll never be the one!
Never, have any fuckin' fun!
Only laugh, when I'm told to quit!
Let me say, I really don't give a shit!
Aren't you, ever fucking sick of it?

Hey you, time to shut the hell up.
Hey you, time to get the fuck up.
Hey you! Theres no getting out of it!
Hey you! Aren't you fuckin' sick of it?

Tell me, I'll never be the one!
Not allowed to have any fuckin' fun.
Just laugh, when you tell me to quit.
You know, that I never even gave a shit!

There's no way, I won't be fuckin' sick of this!

A/N: So there it is. As I'm on a writing spree with these songs, it'll be good to hear some positive feedback. If you like it, say so. If you don't, tough. Thanks for your support, everyone!