What is this I'm feeling?

When I look into your eyes

When I see your face turning

Ever so slightly

In my direction

Oh baby

Your fingertips ignite the passion within

Not lust, the basest of sins

Do I feel now at this moment

But a love most true

That it almost pains my heart

When I look at you

Almost unbearable to lose

This fragment of delight when

I hear your voice whispering

Saying all those things I wanted

To hear, in the dark, When I was all alone

And then you fade off into the distance

Wait don't go, where are you going?

I'll follow you, come back, I love you

Don't leave...

I'm in love with a dream

This same single dream that haunts me

Every night when I lay down to close my eyes

Same girl, same pretty smile

Same beautiful eyes, staring

Directly into mine

Oh I'm in love with a dream

Like the torture of a thousand needles

Peppering my skin ever repeatedly

I watch those movies about romance and love

And wonder when will it be my turn

I read those books where the hero finds his love

Saves her, and then the story ends

And then I fall asleep

And I see you standing there

Ever so sweet

Like my heart coming home

Like my soul so fulfilled

Like the Perfect Sunniest day on

The perfectly warm day

And in this dream I know you completely

And you know me

This... this... this...

Too much to describe with words alone

A perfect world, where sex does not matter

Just your company

Your eloquent chatter

And then you fade away again

Like so many nights before

Who are you? Where are you?

Where can I find you?

Oh torturously I find this as I awake

Gone again into the dead of night

I'm in love with a dream

This mini series of dreams

One leading on from the one before

Then that one leading off to another

A love so true it's a shame

That it belongs to just a dream

With those beautiful eyes that

Stare directly into mine

I'm in love with a dream

Torture is the most perfect word for

What I do to myself here

Trying so vainly to find what

May only be just a dream

And so I watch the same old movies,

Read the same old books

Trying to find a glimmer of something

I recognize from these dreams I have

And so I torture myself

And so I write this down

Trying to explain what I've come to know

This love that we have is oh so real

Even if it is in a world of images surreal

Dependant on you as you're dependant on me

To keep dreaming these dreams

And keeping you alive

Because even dreams have feelings

So hard to describe what they mean to me

These dreams of you and me

Your touch and your lips

Your words and your hair

So radiantly glowing, like the words

that drop from your lips

Like laughter on the breeze

Like raindrops not too wet

But just the right degree

Of, I don't know, but like

Kisses from the sky

And I feel so alive

I just wish that these moments

Could somehow last beyond

Into the waking world

I'm in love with a dream

The same dream series, that has no end

At least not yet

And so we have our moments together

You and I, breathing in that perfect air

Saying those perfect words

A love so true it's a shame

That it belongs to just a dream

With those beautiful eyes

Staring so intently, contently into mine

I'm in love with a dream...