When it rained, the people without homes all gathered in the same park. The park was filled with benches, and a sidewalk ran through it. The people that gathered in the park were commonly referred to as "the regulars." In Seattle, it rained a lot during the spring, so the regulars saw each other many times.

On the last day of spring, it poured. They all arrived in the park at the same time. They hardly ever talked to each other. And they had a sort of unwritten rule. Every time they gathered they sat on the same benches. With three to a bench, the people took up four benches all together.

The last day of spring started no different. They figured the raining would stop within a couple of hours. So, for the first hour, they just sat there, like they always did.

And, then, Davey started to cry. Everyone looked over at him.

"It's cold!" Davey yelled as tears streamed down his face, "It's cold!"

Maria, who was sitting on the left of Davey, put her arms around him, "I know, Davey," she soothed, "But, I promise everything's gonna be alright."

"I know it," Davey said, wiping his tears.

Davey and Maria sat holding each other. Robert, who was on the right of both of them, began talking. "It is cold," Robert said. He was the oldest and wisest of the group, and really the unspoken 'leader.' "We are not nothing! We can make a difference!" Robert stood up, and faced Davey and Maria, "You won't be cold anymore," he said, "If you come with me."

"I love you, Davey," Maria whispered into Davey's ear, "Now, go with Robert."

Davey stood up, and he and Robert walked off. Everyone just continued sitting, like nothing had happened.

A half an hour later, Robert came back, without Davey.

"Come on, Maria, you're next," Robert said, "I found a place where we'll all be warm."

Maria stood up, and went with Robert. Robert returned quicker this time. One by one, he led all the people to his place that was warm. When the last person had been escorted to the place, Robert returned to an empty park.

It was still pouring. Robert blew a kiss to the sky, he said, "We'll see you next time it rains."