seems like every time i go to speak
i'm speaking to myself
but these words need to be said
and it's your choice whether or not you hear them.

i cried myself to sleep last night
because you weren't there to help me.
i shut my eyes and sobbed
because you were just a little too busy to give a friend a shoulder to cry on.
i balled and balled and i couldn't stop
because you won't forgive me.

i made a mistake, we both know that.
i've said sorry as many times as i could
and you said everything was okay
but it's not.
it can't be

and all i want is
"i forgive you"
and a hug.
and i'm hurt,
because you won't tell me what's going on.

you ignore me.
you don't trust me
you're forgetting me.
i think you're scared
because you never expected that of me.
well hun, neither did i.

and i said that.
but it wasn't heard.

and i cried myself to sleep last night
because i knew you weren't listening
and because i'm not sure if you will again.

January 17, 2007