"Amber? Amber, please answer the question."

I look up. Mr. Wright is staring at me. I'm not stupid but the question he's asking I don't even remember learning. I can feel the eyes of the entire class on me.

"Amber?" He presses. Some have said that Mr. Wright is the toughest teacher to have. Swallowing, I feel that is true.

The question…ah, what was the question? Trembling, I ask him to repeat it. He does, with narrowed eyes. Someone across the silent classroom snickers.

Irritated, his voice swarms at me like a biting fly. "Do you know the answer, Amber?"

I hesitate. Failure sweeps up to accept me in its hard, cold yet utterly embracing arms.

"No," I say, bowing my head, "I don't."

We've all been there.

I've just walked this path more then others.