The Awakening

Disclaimer: This prelude belongs to me, grrrr, no stealing!!

A/N: This is a prelude to a novel I am writing for my creative writing class. Please go easy on me because I am still new to writing and this prelude really sucks and is way too short. And because I have no imagination of my own, I could really use help finding a title.

My head swirled with all of the anguished cries echoing inside of it. The sound of my own thoughts could not be heard over the low droning noise of the battle. Each smooth arc that my sword made felled another enemy. It's whistling sound cut through the air like a knife through water. There are so many dead corpses lying about my feet, their eyes still open and mouth agape, as if crying a silent plea for help. Rivers of blood flowed across the vast and barren land. The metallic stench of the warm red liquid filled my senses, enticing me. My bloodlust could be seen clearly in my all black eyes. For this is what I truly am - a vampire. Doomed to walk this world for an eternity and never set foot in daylight. I feed off of other's life source without a second thought, killing them in the darkness.

My feet are just a blur as I run from enemy to enemy, killing some and injuring many more. I've spent an eternity mastering the art of battle and killing and I have now been let loose unto the night. The only thing on my mind right now was to kill as many of these enemies as he could. A thin, almost hidden smile grew across my deathly pale face as I went from opponent to opponent. I tore open chests, sliced off some limbs, and even decapitated a few poor and hopeless souls. Looking at the chaos surrounding me, my marble black eyes glowed with an eerie red light as I flashed my long fangs for just an instant.

The battle area surrounding me was pitch black because tonight is the night of the new moon, but I could see perfectly as is it were midday. My black hair was coming out of the high pony-tail I had tied it in as the whiplash from my rough fighting loosened the knot. My heightened senses are so attune to everything around me, tracking any movement that seemed threatening or out of place.

This is what I have been training so hard for. Finally a battle where my never ending ambition to kill can be released. The excitement is running through my body with a never ending yearning to be let free and kill at will. These next few hours had the potential to change the course of my damned immortal existence. I focused all of my attention on the task ahead of me, and began my descent upon the night and started my transformation.