A/N: Well, the idea itself I claim no credit for. A schoolmate of mine read my songs and I mentioned I was thinking of writing another one, but wasn't sure what to write. She advised me to write about the war, as we're learning about it in history. Seeing as a lot of great bands focus some songs on war, (Sum 41, My Chemical Romance) I figured, why not? As I've read lots of first hand accounts of soldiers feelings during these hellish occurences, I put together this song; Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Hurry up and wait,
Wake up and die!
Sunrise is the reason,
We just want to hide!

We're damned if we don't!
We're shot if we leave!
What makes us wanna fight,
For shit we don't believe!

Our dreams make us different!
Our screams make us one!
We all end up drowning,
In our own lifeblood!
We're killing all our brothers!
How can you ever say we've won?

Tell us that we're useless!
Send us out to fry!
Our fear will never leave us!
Mama, I don't wanna die!

I'll never leave this hell!
If I live I won't know how to cry!
Thank God that our families
Won't have to watch us try!

Our dreams make us different,
Our screams make us one!
We all end up choking,
On our own lifeblood!
When we're killing all our brothers,
We can't ever say we've won!

No hope, in death,
And death, is life!
It makes no difference,
How fast you're falling!

No chance, for hope,
and hopes, a lie!
The bullets meet us,
There is no stalling!

Our dreams make us different,
Our screams make us one!
We all end up dying,
With the firing of a gun!
We've killed all of our brothers,
There's no way in hell we've won!


A/N: Well, there it is. Hope you guys can appreciate this. G'night, all.