I see it flash across the sky
gone in an instant
the first of the meteor shower.
The majesty lights up
the already brilliant
night sky

I run up my hill
to get closer to
the sky
and watch as
dusty silver shooting stars
fall across the sky.

Then someone comes
to sit beside me
I look over
and a cherry red blush
spreads across my face
seeing who it was.

It was the one I love
more than any other.
He picks a rosebud
from the ground
and gives it to me
I look at him
and we share no words
we just lean back
and watch the meteors
fall towards the ground.

I head home
and try to put the flower
in a vase
but cut my finger
on a thorn
and wake up
from the beautiful dream
but then find misery in that
it was only a dream,
not life.