I woke up today

And discovered that

All my hopes

And all my dreams

Can only be accomplished

As I dream.

And the people living my dreams

Don't ever notice,

Hardly ever care,

Just let my and other people's dreams

Fade into the sunset,

Following along with them,

Leaving dreamers like me

Alone in the dark

So we can live once more

But only as we dream.

For we are dreamers,

Children of the night,

We thrive off darkness,

For when it is dark

Our worlds are always light.

Those who don't dream

Only see light in the day

And in the night

Their worlds are dark

A chilling world of shadows.

They can't see the beauty of the night,

The beauty of a dream,

In which all your wishes come true,

In which you are who you wish to be

With nothing standing in your way.

There are those who live in the day

Only a few short hours

From sunrise to sunset,

But from sunset to sunrise,

They are afraid.

Then there are those who live in the night

The rest of the day

From sunset to sunrise,

Their world is as it is

From sunrise to sunset.

These are the artists,

The actors,

The writers,

The dreamers.