I saw that angel
falling towards the ground,
her wings wrapped
around her body
in a silvery cocoon.

At first I thought
it was a side effect
of the new medicine --
But then I found
that the angel was there
in my forest.

I ran outside
despite the protests
of my parents
telling me that
the forest was
a dangerous place to be.

I ran through the trees
desperately wanting
to help that fallen angel.

When I came near the creek
my heart began to beat faster
their lay the angel
her lovely brown hair
strewn across my forest floor
her white garments
covered in blood.

I quickly helped her up
and brought her to
a place
where she could rest.

Then she told me
the life flickering out
of her golden eyes
That I was meant to love
and that I could never
give up hope.

Then she died
in my arms.
I cried to the heavens
wondering how this
could have happened.

That happened 10 year ago
when I was 5 years old
and I still remember
that child angel
who told me that prophesy.
Its too bad
that I never listened

to the angel
who gave her life
to give me mine.

I should have listened
to that angel
but now it is too late.

The love I felt once
now is gone
and the hope
has been crushed.

I mourn for the angel
who died there,
for her death
was in vain.