Lost Dreams

My empty mind
is a swirling black hole
twisting around
I try to find
which dream is mine
but i cannot find it.

The pain of not
finding my dream
is like a ball of fire
to the face
of an earth mage
The vortex swirls
round and round
but I cannot
find my dream.

My mind explodes
from the pain
I have to
find my dream
Its the only way
to save from the pain.

I search frantically
through the hole
that is my swirling mind
a wind breathes
over my face
it is my page.
she tells me
what I never want to hear
You'll never
ever find this dream
Give up, give up.
The pain will never end
the hurt will never cease
Give up, give up.

But I disregard her words
truthful as they may be,
and keep searching
for my dream
but I fail
and fail again
it seems I'll never
find my dream

I want to give up
and yet, I can't.
I have to find my dream.

I smell the smell
of warm, damp leaves
and hear the sound
of a galloping horse.
It is my knight,
I know it is
and he too
has a message for me.

Give up, give up,
for i cannot assist
where you are going
you are going amiss
you must give up
Give up, give up.

Again I disregard
the words sent to me
and keep on searching
for my dream.
My task will never cease.
My page was right,
I realize, suddenly knowing.
I'll never find my dream
and the pain will never end
I might as well
Give up, give up
and do as I was told.