I stand on the hill
the rain beats down on my back
the lightning strikes
the thunder burns
I just stand still
my hands splayed to my sides,
water dripping off me.
I face the storm
without a fear
all alone.

I know that I shouldn't be here
but I am and that is the factor
my hair is soaked
my skirt and shirt stick close to my body.

Someone yells at me to get inside
but I can't
not as long
as my storm
rages on.

I have to overcome the lightning
defeat the thunder
and stand up to the rain.
but the question is how?
The storm is much more powerful
I am much weaker,
I don't know how to hold on
but I must.

The lightning strikes close to me
almost knocking me off my feet
the thunder booms its evil laugh
the rain just seems to fall harder.

The clouds darken
and the wind howls a warning
to get away
while i still can.

But I stay.
The rain gets heavier
until finally i fall
on my knees in the muddy ground
The lightning strikes close again,
the thunder howls with laughter once more.

The wind whispers past my face
As if to say
I told you so.