The river speeds ahead
I run along side it
knowing I can never catch up
but still run through the trees
until I come
to the waterfall.

There is a rock
that could hold the weight of two
just jutting over
the water
falling to the ground.

I step easily over the stepping-stones
I have come here many times
and I crouch on the rock
that overlooks the waterfall.

My breath catches
as I see the beauty
of this outside element
falling down to the lake
50 feet below
where my friends are swimming
and playing in the cool, deep water.

I then close my eyes
and feel the drop
with my feet.
And do
what my friends
had expected me to
shy away from.

I jump.
As I soar
down towards the lake
I feel exhilarated.

I hit the water
it splashes everywhere
and I swim over
to my friends
who look at me
with surprise.
What, I ask; amused
you think I haven't
done that before?