Pillars Of Sorrow.

Pillars of sorrow, to erase the pain within another

The hurt of the things which torment the mind and blood

The dark skies illuming over the liquid heart inside

And although they speak soft their eyes coil as vines

Twisting through the wells of the world

The pillars which keep the earth from destruction

And the darkness which holds our hands tightly together

A mess of pencils and paint litter the floor

Faces of joy and sorrow, the names of each person

That will never exist in this world or the next

Only in the mind of a lost child, sick with sorrow

Standing in the graveyard, a new grave fresh

A gathering of black under the warm summer sky

Lost again in the bitterness, the loss of a friend

Forgotten a century down the lane, memory fades

And the world thinks that they can change a mind

One firmly set on seeing the good in the world

The good in the person beside me, in front of me

The person crying in the corner, laughing in the open

To see the good in the person opposite me, a mirror

The worst kind of judgement on a person we don't know

Is on ourselves.