Hello! We are finally getting back around to putting up our fics again. We are going to not stop for a week until these are back up! Here's the edited, mostly unchanged, chapter one of Love of a Brother!


Chapter One- My New Brother?!

Trevor Richardson sighed and pressed his face to his bedroom window. Where were they? They were an hour late… He sighed heavily once more and let his head fall into his arms. Peering up after a moment, he gave an excited whoop as the white pickup truck pulled into his driveway, eyes wide with anticipation.

"Mother! Mother, they're here!" He cried, racing down the stairs. His mother, Elizabeth 'Ellie' Richardson was already at the door, clawing it open to fling herself into her boyfriend's arms.

Ellie and her new boyfriend, Leon, had been dating for five months, and she decided he should move in with her, since him and his son were being kicked out of the apartment building. The same day, Leon had proposed to her, changing both her and her son's lives. Her seventeen year old son, Trevor, was finally going to meet his soon-to-be brother, Chase Ferguson. Trevor ran a hand through his unruly mop of dark brown hair, his green eyes searching the white truck. The two forms in the truck moved slightly and his heart thudded in his chest.

Leon stepped out, a huge hulking man with short crew cut black hair and a mustache. He had dark eyes and hands as large as paddles. Trevor smiled and waved at the man. He had met him before and Trevor trembled slightly. If this man was bigger and stronger than him, he couldn't wait to meet his new brother. He'd heard that Chase was his age, kind, and even tempered, but his mother hadn't said much about the other boy. He hoped he was like his father. He could play football all he wanted if Chase was his father's build. But… what slipped out of the car… was petite, long haired, shy, and… obviously feminine.

The boy was five foot five, if that, with long white blonde hair that flowed to his elbows in straight waves. Large teal eyes gazed at the large red brick house and a long fingered hand smoothed down the simple white tee. The shorts were blue jeans, flashing white, pale, haven't-seen-the-sun-in-years skin. Plush red lips pursed slightly and he drew in a deep breath, turning those bright eyes to Trevor… who was gaping at him.

"Mother?" He turned to Ellie and she grinned before squealing. She flew to Leon and jumped in his arms, wrapping arms about his neck and legs about his waist. They kissed gently, making both boys cringe. The other boy stepped up to Trevor and held out a slender hand.

"Hello. My name is Chase. I'll be your brother from now on." His voice was soft, well spoken, but not full of confidence. Trevor looked down at the other boy. He was six foot four, nearly two hundred twenty pounds of pure muscle. He bet he outweighed this boy by a hundred pounds… He slowly stuck out his huge hand and shook, feeling soft skin underneath his fingers.

"Trevor." He replied, still stunned. Thoughts of football were tossed out of the window… Thoughts of holding the boy underneath him- ACK! STOP BRAIN! NO NO NO! Trevor shook his head free of those thoughts. He couldn't get too close… No. He had to make sure Chase didn't like him. A sad expression came across his face and Chase cocked his head like a bird. Those plush lips parted, a soft sigh emitting from them as Chase prepared to say something.


"Trevor!" Leon roared, cutting off his son's voice. The big burly man walked up to him and embraced him hard, thumping him soundly on the back. Trevor was suddenly suffocating in thick, rolling muscles and glanced over to see his mother grab Chase. The boy flailed slightly before she hugged him, pressing his face to her chest in an enthusiastic hug. Chase's muffled voice came from her chest and she pushed him away, holding him at arms length. The boy sucked in air, giving the eager woman a half-hearted glare.

"Aw, Chase! You know I am just so happy to see you! You're going to be so happy here! I just now it!" She exclaimed cheerfully. Chase just gave a weak smile and she kissed his forehead. Chase leaned into her, sighing pleasurably as she stroked his hair. Leon finally pulled a now blue Trevor from his pectorals and ruffled the young man's already disheveled locks.

"Hey!" He fussed with the mop and glared at Leon, who laughed.

"Come help with the bags, Chase." Leon said, turning to his small son. Seeing the look of utter dismay on the feminine boy's face, Trevor immediately stepped up.

"I will, Pops." Leon smiled proudly, almost blushing as the boy called him 'Pops'. Chase's face fell and, with a sigh, he turned, his body swaying as he followed an excited Ellie into the house. Trevor saw slight jealousy pass across those feminine features as Chase turned away. What boy looks like a girl? He couldn't be much of a guy then. Thousands of snide remarks passed through Trevor's mind, but he dismissed the thoughts and followed Leon to the truck.

"I think I'll love it here." Leon mused thoughtfully, eyeing the house with delight.

"I hope so, Pops! Do you play football? Please say yes!" Trevor all but begged. Leon laughed and nodded.

"Course I do. Granted you'll lose to me in no time." Trevor's eyebrow rose and the man whistled innocently.

"You're on, old man."

"I think I liked Pops better." Leon pointed out, hefting two bags out of the truck bed. Trevor grabbed two boxes and both went into the house. Chase and Ellie were sitting on the couch, Chase pulling his long hair back. His chin was a bit square, the only thing masculine about his countenance. The rest of his face was narrow, high cheek bones off setting the angles of his face, almost like those of an Elf from a video game. He had one piercing in his left ear, the earring dangling below his chin. The other ear wasn't pierced. Trevor wondered what was up with the one earring.

Chase crossed his legs and set his elbows on his knee, lacing his fingers together and placing his chin on his hands. He listened intently to Ellie as she giggled and went on about Trevor. Apparently, the boy was a bit of an athlete… He glanced over at his new step brother and felt his face suddenly heat up as Trevor stripped his shirt off, tossing it into the laundry room. Muscles flexed underneath a taut stomach, showing off a perfect set of abs. His arms were large, the triceps and biceps exceptionally apparent… Chase blushed brightly and turned his head away from all that masculinity… His knees were going weak and he wasn't even standing!

His father gave a loud bark of laughter and both men went back outside to retrieve the remainder of the stuff.

"Chase?" He turned back to Ellie and, seeing her bright smile, gave her his best smile. The effect was immediate. Ellie melted into a puddle of maternal goop. Reaching for him again, she gave him a tight squeeze.

"I hope you and Trevor get along great!"

"I do too… Mom." She nearly squeezed him to death. She hugged him tighter and kissed his forehead repeatedly.

"You'll love it here." Chase smiled into her. It couldn't be as bad as when he was with his real mother and his half brother. He doubted nothing could be as bad… He held back tears and the door swung open again again. Leon dropped two boxes and Trevor set down the last duffle bag. Chase let his eyes wander down Trevor's muscular chest and blushed again, wondering not for the first time why he was attracted to other men. The other boy noticed his gaze and turned to him, crossing his arms.

"Trevor, could you bring Chase's stuff upstairs to his room?" Ellie asked. Chase grabbed his duffle and Trevor picked up the two boxes Leon had set down. They walked upstairs, Chase going up first. Trevor stared at the other's ass, wondering why the boy had to sashay up the stairs, not just walk. Not that he didn't enjoy the view…

Trevor had long ago admitted to himself that he was gay. His last girlfriend had tried anything and everything to get him to respond to her touches and ministrations, but nothing had worked. Then, she had gone into detail about what her ex looked like and what he liked, frowning when Trevor responded to the visuals. It hadn't taken him long to realize he liked guys after that, and his ex girlfriend was still a good friend.

Chase glanced behind him and noticed Trevor staring at his ass. He quickly turned away and tried to will his hips to stop rolling as he walked, hopefully putting an end to his sashaying, his face flaming red. It didn't work. Chase had known he was gay, or at least attracted to boys, since Alex had kissed his cheek in third grade. It was his best friend growing up and, as friends, they had kissed each other's cheeks for years. But, two years ago, on Chase's fifteenth birthday, Alex had done more than kiss him. Unfortunately, Alex's parents had barged in on them and they hadn't accepted that type of 'demonic practices', as they had put it. Alex had been sent to a special school that helped get rid of those gay tendencies, much too both boys' horror.

A tear slid down Chase's cheek as he remembered the parting and he wiped it away. He had grabbed onto Alex desperately, kissing him repeatedly… But they had been torn away from each other in the end…

"Chase. This is it." Chase jumped at the deep rumbling of Trevor's voice. He opened the door and was greeted by a completely blue room. The walls were a dark blue, the ceiling lighter and the trim an almost white. The walls were bare, but Chase had plenty of drawings to pin up. The bed sheets were black-blue silk and the carpet was a plush royal blue.

"Cool." Chase said as he shut the door behind them. Blue was such a calming, soothing color. Trevor snickered and set the boxes down on the bed. Chase dropped the duffle bag on the floor and turned to Trevor, mouth slightly open. His eyes flew wide as he noticed the boy was standing not a few feet.

"Look, you. I don't like you." Chase stared up at him and let out a small squeak as Trevor cracked his knuckles. "Don't try to get all friendly with me, girly boy." Chase blinked rapidly and gave the bigger boy a strange look, one almost of pure fear. Trevor twitched. How could a nineteen year-old guy get that look.

"T-Trevor?" Chase backed away from the bigger boy, who slammed a hand into the wall next to his face. He jumped, closing his eyes. Trevor stared at him and wondered how soft those lips were… UGH!

"You leave me alone… and I won't be forced to beat you up." He growled, one hand bunching in the front of Chase's white tee. Chase swallowed hard and nodded rapidly in consent. Trevor dropped him and turned away to go back downstairs. He would hate the boy!

Chase slid down the wall and blinked. On second thought… It would be just like living with his mother and his half brother…


"Trevor? Is that your new brother?" Kyle asked, sitting down next to Trevor on the bus. Trevor glanced over at Chase, who was sitting huddled in his seat. The boy looked lonely, but he couldn't sit next to him. He was trying not to like the boy! Liking what would be your brother was wrong, disgusting, and wrong! So he left the boy alone.

He deserves it, Trevor told himself, trying to ease the guilt. He hated the girly boy! Coming into his life, taking his mother's love, and being so feminine! Their eyes met briefly as Chase glanced his way. Chase tried a small smile, but Trevor whirled away.

"Yeah. That's my new burden." Chase flinched slightly at the word 'burden'.

Chase, why do you have to be such a fucking burden all the time?!!

Dammit, you're just a goddamned burden!!! Chase whimpered as memories flooded his head. He hated that word… That and fag. Both words had been used against him… A boy sat down beside him and he stared at the tall, masculine guy.


"Um… Hello." Chase whispered, nose wrinkling as the smell of cigarettes hit him from the boy's breath… Ew. His clothes smelled fine though. He glanced at Trevor and noticed the other was glaring at the newcomer. Kyle was frowning.

"Brad, what the fuck do you want?" Trevor snarled. The newcomer turned, his soft blonde hair falling in his eyes. He blinked his baby blues at Trevor and pursed his thin lips together.

"Nothing." He replied easily. He wasn't as muscular as Trevor, a slimmer, leaner, more agile build, but he had muscles underneath his skin, as well as a snake tongue, foul manners, and no sense of loyalty. Brad averted his gaze back to the smaller blonde. Chase was examining his blue jeans, hands picking lint off of them. Brad smirked at the boy. This would be too easy.

"I'm Brad Harris."

"Chase Ferguson." Chase replied, giving the other a flash of his dazzling smile. He missed the look that passed over Trevor's face. Brad reached out and ran a hand through all that white-blonde locks. His fingers brushed Chase's scalp and Chase shuddered.

"You have beautiful hair."

"Thank you. I got it from my mother." Brad nodded, wanting nothing more than to fist that hair and use it as a handle.

"You new?"

"Yes." Chase responded, watching Brad's hand move through his hair. He leaned into the touch slightly, enjoying the feel of someone gently stroking his hair. Alex used to do that…

"Where you come from?" Chase noted that Brad's grammar needed tuning and gently smiled.

"Where did I come from?" He corrected. Brad's eyebrow rose and he nodded slowly. "I was born in California, but I've lived here in Boston for two years. My mother had me in an airport." Chase pointed out, frowning. He hated living in LA. With his half brother… mother… dear god…. HIM… He shuddered and Brad took that as an invitation to massage the back of his neck. Chase's eyes fluttered and he leaned more into the touch. He didn't notice the smug smile on Brad's face.

"Trevor…" Kyle whispered, leaning close to his best friend. "Brad is making moves on your brother."

"Let him. Like I care." Trevor lied.

"Dude, what about Hector? His last boyfriend?" Kyle whispered.

"That was a car accident." Trevor replied suddenly annoyed. Kyle frowned slightly and Trevor looked away. That was an accident, and it had been proven in court, though doubts still hung.

Brad inched closer to Chase, who had become engrossed with a string hanging from his pants. He nudged the boy and Chase jumped, startled.

"Chase, why does Richardson keep looking over here?"

"My dad is marrying his mother." Chase retorted, staring up with bright eyes. Brad blinked… and a sly grin spread across his face.

"Really?" Chase nodded, wondering why Brad was smiling like that. Brad patted Chase's head, still grinning. Only more confused, the boy sat there, not seeing the jealous glare Trevor was shooting Brad.


Chase fumbled with the lock for a moment, eyebrows together in an expression of extreme concentration. With a small sigh from the boy, the locker opened, spilling books on the ground. Three periods into the day and five books already… Chase knelt to pick them up, only to have his hand covered by a larger one. He looked up into Trevor's shocked eyes and gave a hesitant smile. Trevor made a harrumph noise and hurriedly snatched his hand back, bundling the books up and thrusting them out to Chase.

"Thank you, Trevor." Chase whispered, making Trevor blush. Trevor mumbled a 'you're welcome' and hurried off. Chase smirked and got to his feet, banging his head on his locker. Cursing, he slid the books back into the locker, bristling when a body came up behind him. God, how he hated it when people did that. He turned, seeing Brad's cheerful smile. The smile didn't reach his eyes, which were trailed on Trevor's fast retreating back.

"Brad… Hello." Chase gave the larger boy a smile.

"What happened?"

"I dropped my stuff and Trevor helped me pick it up." Chase said, rubbing the back of his head. Brad raised an eyebrow at the movement.

"What's wrong?"

"I hit my head on the locker." Brad pulled his head to his chest, fingers kneading the back of the smaller man's head. Chase's face turned bright red and his mouth went dry. Brad smelled like expensive cologne, aftershave, and a musky smell that could only be his. Chase sunk into the other man, a soft moan coming from his lips as Brad's fingers found the knot on the back of his head. Brad smirked above him when the small teen clutched onto him to keep from sinking to his knees.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Chase's voice was shaky, breathy… and Brad immediately hardened at the sound. The other boy flipped his hair behind his head and gave Brad a small smile. "Well, I have to be going to class…"

"I'll walk you."

"Oh, that isn't necessary!" Chase waved his hand. "I don't want to be a burden to you…" He bowed his head slightly and Brad grabbed his upper arm. "Brad?" The other boy slammed his locker shut and dragged him along.

"Come on." Brad demanded.

"Brad, wait! That hurts. Brad." Chase complained, tugging on his arm. A hand fell on Brad's wrist, tightening. He whirled and Trevor glared at him. Chase looked up at the taller boy.

"Let go, Brad."

"Why? He's my friend." Chase looked startled. He had a friend already? He didn't know whether to be honored or scared. Trevor's hand tightened on his wrist.

"Let go of my brother." Brad released Chase's upper arm and Chase stepped back to lean in Trevor.

"Fine, Richardson."

"Don't come near my brother again." Brad glared at Trevor.

"He's my friend. I can see him as many times as I want. Right, Chase?" Chase just stared at the two behemoths. He wanted to say yes, but feared Trevor's response. If he said no, Trevor would like him, but Brad wouldn't…. Maybe didn't seem to be an answer. Instead, Chase turned and ran down the hallway to his class, hearing both yell after him.

Only one voice made him regret running, and only one person made him feel like he shouldn't ever be running from them.