I feel the icy gravel beneath me

My palms smack the ground

As I try to catch myself

Jagged stones rise to pierce my ivory caps

That old wound screams, ripe with pain

I wish you were here

To lift me from this coral pool of light

Where my disgrace dances above my fallen form

With loving concern etched upon your dear face

Fresh from my long soak, my skin perfumed with lavender

The blood leaks from my severed flesh

As you softly press the wet cotton to my knee

Your cold breath soothes the stinging wound

Your gentle kiss heals my scorched palms

Strong arms embrace me

My head lies cushioned on you chest

These eyes shine with tears

As I am touched by you affection

Fingers tilt my chin toward your charming face

Your lips fall upon my cheeks

Before claiming my own in a sweet kiss

Blessed are we…

…to hold the whole world in our arms