I hated you for what you did to me

But I have come to forgive you

What you did was evil and cruel

But I have forgiven you

I cannot even look at you

But I forgive you

Because of you my relationships are strained

But you are forgiven

I cannot look at myself the same

But you are forgiven

Every time someone touches me, I pull away

But you are forgiven

From so many of my relationships I have strayed

But you are forgiven

If someone tries to get close to me I backup

But you are forgiven

That's why most of my relationships before they have begun

But you are forgiven

Because of you I cannot look into anyone's eyes

Because of you let true love pass by

Because of you I am afraid of men

Because of you my life is a never-ending world wind

So I pretend

I pretend to be Miss Independent

Impossible to be offended

Because the world is not worth it

Everyone surrounding me is so stupid

But I am not apart of it

I am intelligent

I am not ignorant

No, I could not stand for it

And now I hide behind it

What am I without it

A girl with little reason to live

You did this

But, I forgive you still