The second song I wrote, revamped as well. Not terribly so, like a few of the others. I just thought some different wording was in order. This is pretty nostalgic to me, and one of my personal favorites. Yeah, maybe it's a bit depressing, but I don't quite care. Anyways, enjoy.

Ode To Nothing

This is my ode to nothing!
This is the last regret!
I finally fight for something!
That I'll just forget!
My ode to nothing.

Dark embrace, don't it hurt to breathe?
Smilings a waste, is it time to leave!?
Things we do are never worth the strain...
Snuff your life out, just to stop the pain.

Silent screams, hear this ode to nothing!!
Throw the words away!
I slowly bleed, when will it stop raining?!
There is no need...
Ignore my ode to nothing!

Fall again, why can't you seem to see?!
In the end, there'll be no mercy from me!
Yet again, my decisions have been wrong!
Every path leads to another useless song.

Empty dreams, sing this ode to nothing!!
Scream the words away!
Heavy bleed, the end is coming!
There is no need...
For my ode to nothing!

Sharpened words, tear straight through my heart!!
Bound together, and still so far apart!
Dead and buried, don't make you look so smart!
At this, end is where we have to start!!

Selfish creed, scream this ode to nothing!!
Throw the words away!
Sweat and bleed, we all need something!
I live for this...
My ode to nothing!!

Speak... Sweet nothings!!
That you can't ignore!
I just need something!!
Scream some more!!

Useless need, sob this ode to nothing.
Push the words, away...
Eternal sleep, a life spent dreaming.
One thing I believe...
Ode to nothing.