The easy tears she cries

From dusty amber eyes

Are the very same blue

As the open ocean's skies

And the tears don't bother her

They're just trails of dreams that were

But don't you ever ask her

Who those dreams were for

'Cause her dreams for the young man

Didn't go as she had planned

And all alone she cries at night

That the world can't understand

It can't understand her pain-

Her dreams were spent in vain-

On someone she thought she'd love

On a boy who never came

It's been three long years

Of reflections streaked with tears

And she's finally giving up now

'Cause no one ever hears

No one hears what she cannot say

But no one asked her, anyway

And behind that mourning rain

She slowly fades away

The easy tears she cries

From waning amber eyes

Fall like forty days of rain

This time the sun won't rise


Author's Note: for some reason I just feel the need to inform the reader that writing this poem was extrememly apathetic. Usually, poetry is an emotionally charged jumble that somehow finds a rhythm, but this one, after the first few lines, it was just finding words to fit. If that takes away from the poem, I'm sorry, but it bothers me so I had to share. CD