Once again, I am back at school,

And again, I feel such a fool.

A mist of stupidity enfolds my brain

… intelligence, I cannot claim.

I do not know much or anything at all.

Each morning I find some way to stall

That dreaded activity – going to school.

"I've lost my clothes, I've lost my books"

So turn up late, receive angry looks.

And struggle my way through each day

Waiting, just to get away.

But daydreaming… it does not work

And, I find I seem to shirk

All other work that I am given

By whips, I feel I am driven

For stress, misery and stupidity beat me

And tears fall, blind me and I cannot see.

Still, knowingly I stumble into hell

Sent by laws,

I am forced to wait for the end-of-day bell.