Be There

Ben Zweber

I just opened my eyes

it was all blank

and I realized

there is no way

I search for a door

some type of way out

give me some more

ways to know how

looking for a way

to go back to reality

back to the day

I lost my sanity

the wall is bare

and I'm so tired

I don't know where

to sleep tonight

in your arms

seems so right

to feel so warm

just for tonight

I reach out

my hand so far

I never doubt

you wont be there

you have a way

that helps me

forget the days

I wanted to leave

sometimes you slip

and sometimes you fall

but tighten your grip

we can't have it all

I'm staying strong for you

we're getting so close

it'll be very soon

keep a hold

hold me near

I need you now

please be here

when I need you most

just close your eyes

and get some sleep

let go of the strife

and don't weep

cause I'll be there

no matter what...

Kayla Keena