I don't know what to do

When I look in your eyes,

I see myself.

Trying to figure out who I am

Who I should be and why I am here.

I look into your ice blue eyes and

I see the person I want to be.

But what I don't see is

The person I think I am.

Who I am inside my own head.

The lone, sad, confused me.

You see the bright, exuberant

Girl with a smile on her face

And a fire in her heart.

But behind that fire

And beneath that smile is

The hidden one.

The monster we each keep

Tucked away for no one else to see.

The person we are ashamed of or scared of.

To look into your eyes

I let the monster leave,

I'm free from its control.

I am me and in the

Ice blue of your eyes

The hidden are set free.