I was sitting at the side of the road one day

When this stranger came up to me on his

To somewhere I don't know, I didn't ask

And he bummed a smoke off me and a match

And we started talking, this stranger and I

Bullshitting at first, and then moving on to other things

Discussing philosophy, theories and such

The way the World is now compared

To the way it's been in the past

We talked of movies and books and characters

In them, The heroes and such

That we all know and love

By author's famous and some unknown

And our talking warmed me to the bone

A golden moment, or so I call it when it happens

When you converse with another and it just clicks

You talk for hours and hours on end

Without noticing the time slip

Cigarette after cigarette we smoked as we stood there and talked

All recorded by the unknown tickings of a silent clock

This stranger and I, discussing things like old friend

Entrusting each other with this and that, asking for advice

And then suddenly the moment came to an end

And he went on his way as I did mine

And now only when I stop to think about it

Do I realize something that had slipped us by

Not once in our hours of talking did we

Exchange names once.

And now it's gone, lost on the summer breeze

Every so often, I think of that day, of the talk with the stranger

And I raise my glass in silent reverie of the day where

I traded words with someone who I didn't even catch his name

And to think on it now, I wonder if it even mattered