oh baby, baby

what is this you're doing to me

you come, you go, you don't even know

what the things between us could be

if you gave it just a chance

gave this world a little dance

with me, your man for life

and you my would-be wife

and it all comes down to all that is real

tell me how you really feel

and all we know is all we know

impossible to know anymore than that

and in the end we all must go

to a place of higher understanding

but why leave now, oh dear friend

why go now when we could see more than

what we have seen before

and all is dark and the lights have left

and in this dark I am bereft

my tears flow quicker than the words we said

the fight that might be our last

and I can only say in my own defense

that it's not what I wanted, baby

none of it the way I dreamed

and all I want to know is real

tell me how you really feel

and so you say youre sick and tired

of all this melodramatic bullshit

what could have happened to make it come to this

am I blind to have forgotten what all went on

Did I forget some important thing

oh baby, I know, I'm not perfect

but tell me why do you have to go

am I evil, insane, or just a bit disturbed

I can live with that reason, it works

but if its just for a fight or two we've had

why not stay and make a stand

and what it all boils down to is

What it all boils down to and I just said this line

But its how I truly feel

tell me how you truly feel