NOTE: Some sexual content involved.

I recently heard this song on the radio, Z100 to be exact, and liked it in extreme. So today, I decided to just write a lil' something. Based on lyrics of the song named below. Lyrics from the song are in italic. Complete lyrics can be found with search engines such as google.

Panic! At the Disco

-Lying is the Most Fun a Girl
Can Have Without Taking
Her Clothes


Droplets of perspiration dotted my forehead as the air blazed with an inner heat. I angrily dashed them away with a swipe of my hand and let the cool tap water rinse off my now soiled fingers.

Is it still me who makes
you sweat

I cupped my palms and let it fill with water before splashing my face in cold fury. Refreshed, I crawled slowly back to bed and threw myself into the warm blankets. I tossed and turned restlessly as familiar and mixed dreams rushed brilliantly with a clear certainty behind my closed eyes.

"What's your name?" He smiled, his eyes soft and kind. Our hands were clasped lightly together as we walked on the dirt path bordered with scarlet blossoms and slender willows. Their branches swayed and nodded politely in the scented wind that teased my hair into a wild dance.

Am I who you think about
in bed?

"My name's Ama," I told him, smiling back.

"Ama," he repeated. He broke into a run and led me to a grassy area, scattered with crimson rose petals and golden dandelions.

"Do you have any other names?" he asked.

I nodded. "I am more formally known as Amarone," I said.

"Amarone." He repeated the new name again. "Any others?"

The sun was setting, a red sphere just over the flat horizon. Pink and orange rays shone across the periwinkle sky, giving the landscape a beautiful and stunning aura of warm delight. The shadows grew longer before mending with the new darkness.

When the lights are dim and your
hands are shaking as you're sliding
off your dress?

I carefully took off my white gown and laid it beside my bare feet. A sudden radiance of light shined from my revealed body, and I spread my feathered wings, rising to the sky above.

"My name is," I said, "I Love You.""

He paused, and for a while simply stared in awe up at me. "I Love You." And he leaped up into my arms and kissed me, his lips soft and warm.

I've got more wit,
A better kiss,
A hotter touch,
A better fuck
Than any boy you'll meet

We held onto each other tight, kissing fiercely. His hands ran over my slender back and I broke off, gazing deep into his eyes. I raised a finger and silently touched my wet lips.

When the lights are dim and your
heart is racing as your fingers touch
your skin

We danced in the air, twisting, turning, kissing, touching.

Let's get these teen hearts beating.
Faster, faster

He whirled me around and around, my hair whipping onto my flushed face. The wind whistled and the trees applauded loudly below, admiring us and our intricate moves. Our love was seduction and our kisses were positively sinful as we danced the romance and fierce passions that held in between us.

Will you dance to this beat, and
Hold a lover close?

He grinned, perfect teeth flashing a blinding sheen of white. I flicked my hair back with a slight yet obvious turn of the head, and gave him my beauty.

I hope that you didn't expect that
You'd get all of the attention

My wings suddenly began to tire as our love grew more intense, and the sky clouded over with blackness. Rain drizzled over the land, creating tiny splashes of unidentifiable noises.

Dance to this beat

Streaks of lightning blazed across the sky, roaring with scorned approval.

Dance to this beat

We were linked together by only our hands now. I screamed as he suddenly let go, falling to the soiled ground below.

Let's get these teen hearts beating.

Faster, faster

"I Love You!" He yelled out my name, his arms flailing helplessly. I tried to fly toward him, but the wind forced me back.

"I Love You!" he screamed again. Hot tears sprung to my damp eyes, but the pouring rain just washed them away.


My heart stopped all together as his scream was suddenly cut short, and only the sound of rain roared with strange loudness in my ears.

I stopped struggling and let the wind carry me away. I heard his voice over and over again in my mind: I Love You, I Love You, I love you…

I sat up abruptly in my bed and blinked rapidly, my heart thumping madly.

Let's get these teen hearts beating.

Faster, faster.

"I love you, too," I whispered.