Sorry for the wait, I had a baby lol. But without further adieu, here is Chapter 5!!

Home is Where the Heart is, But Where is My Heart Now?

"Good afternoon sleepy head" Keegan said, looking towards the door to make sure no one was coming. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions, and I need to give you a lot of answers, but the nurse will be here any minute, so as soon as she leaves we'll start the festivities, alright?"

"Yeah, sure, wow I know I probably got way more sleep than I needed, but I feel kind of, uh, woozy... For lack of a better word," Eliza conceded. "But yeah, anyway, so you've just been sitting here, waiting on me to wake up this whole time, when not even my own family was here?"

"How do you know they weren't?" He replied, wondering if she was concious more than he and the nurses had suspected, or if she just knew how things were.

"They couldn't care less, I mean my Mom at least cares, but she's too busy right now to remember much of anything, much less anyone (a.k.a me)", she started with a sigh, "My brothers, I'm assuming...wait... my brothers? Are they--?"

"Still alive? Yes. Still here? No. Okay? Physically, mentally...not a clue." Keegan filled in.

"Alright," Eliza continued, "My brothers, knowing them, would waltz in here, like thing one and thing two, just to make sure I'm out cold. Next, they'd take a smooth look around, to see who's watching, then if the coast was clear they'd do a high five. Now, if it was a bad day, they'd do that, then they'd come sit next to me and act all angelic while anyone was around, but after everyone was gone they'd sit there and whisper things in my ears. Taunting things. 'Good drivin Liza', 'Way to pay attention', 'See, we tried to say you shouldn't drive', 'Are you ever going to do anything right?', blah blah blah. Our relationship is really quite lovely."

She paused then, to roll her eyes, and take a deep breath after a moment of silence, "And then there's my Dad. He probably doesn't even know. No one wants to talk to him, no one misses him except me. I still hardly believe that the only one who ever paid attention to me would do something so horrible to my mother, horrible enough, that I could never see him again. And now, he probably doesn't even care. No call, no letter, no last attempts, no first attempts. I'm sure he has plenty of other kids though..." Eliza finished, no longer able to continue because of the tears threatening to spill out of her eyes. But cry she would not, she was too tough to let herself, so instead she sat in silence, listening to the movements in the hospital hallway outside her door.

Keegan sat there, listening to Eliza talk, and when she was done talking, he listened to the sound of her breathing against the rich thrumb of her heart beating. He had pushed the call button for a nurse as soon as Eliza had woken up, but somehow he figured that they were trying to give them a little alone time, before all the poking and prodding began. After they sat in silence for a minute or so, the sound of footsteps grew louder, closer, and then a chubby red haired nurse with rosy cheeks bustled into the room, followed by a tall, thin, pimply faced man, that looked like he must be the nurses assistant.

"Oh, Eliza, you're finally awake!" The nurse said with a warm smile, "We've been waiting, but I think your boyfriend there has been the most anxious, he almost never left your side! We had to make him go to eat, or shower, or use the bathroom, I swear he would have sat there just waiting the whole time if we didn't. Now that's commitment! Hold on to him, he's a real keeper, not many of them kind left! In any case, definately not enough of them."

Eliza smiled and nodded her head at the nurse, as the temperature taking, blood pressure reading and vitals checking began. Under her breath, Keegan barely heard her response to the nurses statement. "I wish I could, but I have to get him first." This made his heart skip a beat, even though he knew his heart hadn't beat for centuries, but he swore he could feel it, just as he could swear to see the warm pink glow of life creeping into his skin. The last time he had this feeling was... well, a long time ago.

As the nurse and her sidekick left the room, they instructed Keegan to watch Eliza closely. They still had no idea what was making her flutter between concious and unconcious, and he was not about to be the one to tell them, solely because of the fact that they would never believe it.

The room appeared to be spinning, but Keegan knew it was just his imagination. Going hundreds of years with no heartbeat, and suddenly feeling it start again is quite a rush. A rush that he came down from when he saw Eliza's face. "What's wrong?" he asked her, as she was sitting, pouting on the bed.

"They wouldn't take it out" She said, gesturing to the IV, "and they wouldn't let me go, I just want to be anywhere but here-- well anywhere but home too." She added with an exaggerated sigh.

Keegan couldn't help but laugh at her earnestness, "Love, they can't let you go yet, you just woke up, and they're not sure you're not going to pass out again."

"I'm sure" She replied, "I don't wanna go back to sleep...nope, not me, not to those kinds of dreams. I don't like not being able to help what happens, not like it's that different than real life, but in real life if you see a 'train wreck' at least you can call 911 or something. Oh, and at least you're not freaking out because somehow you know what's happening and how much it hurts. But, hey, the nurse is gone, tell me what's going on!"

"What, no please?" Keegan raised an eyebrow.

Rolling her eyes, Eliza said "please" as sarcastically as she could.

"Well that will have to do, I guess" Keegan laughed, then suddenly his expression changed and he got very serious. "Eliza, I don't know if you believe in reincarnation or not, but I do, and I'd know your soul anywhere. From the dreams you were having, yes, I could see them too, because somehow you managed to push them into my head, even before the accident, which by the way is the reason I was driving that direction, because I had to find you.

"And I think it's safe to say you found me first, right? But, anyway, I'm guessing by now you've realized that I was the guy from those dreams, and that you were the girl, although that was a long time ago. Elisabeth was my sweetheart, I would have done anything for her, and if I could have I'd have done anything to save her, but I couldn't. It was too late.

"Anyway, when the memories, which is what your dreams actually are, hit me, I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me. One of my friends from way back when. But then I realized that nobody else could be that accurate, because nobody but Elisabeth and I was there.

"So, back to how we got here, after the accident, I found you on the side of the road, you had been flung from the car. The impact was so strong, both of our cars were totaled. Your brothers were fine, they walked away from the accident without a scratch between them. I called an ambulance, but didn't have time to wait, you were losing blood to fast. Your brothers waited for the ambulance and I carried you here.

"Ever since then I've been sitting here, watching some of the worst moments in my life happen all over again, and knowing that you were seeing them too, and neither one of us was able to look away." He finished, and waited for the questions to come.

"Wow, well, okay first question," Eliza started, "So I'm Elisabeth reincarnated, and you are...still yourself? How?"

Keegan closed his eyes and took several long, deep breaths, "I've never told anyone this before. So, I don't know how you'll take it. Elisabeth didn't even know, because I was afraid to tell her, and now I wish I had, and I will not make the same mistake twice." He paused, as if contemplating how to go about saying what he was about to say, and then decided the best way to judge how she was going to react was to just say it. "Eliza, I'm 300 years old."

To her credit, no shock was evident on Eliza's face, or even in her voice when she spoke, "Okay, so then you're either an immortal God of some sort, or you're a vampire. And?"

Keegan chuckled and raised his eyebrows, glad that she didn't scream, and didn't appear to think that he was lying, yet. "The later. Why are you not surprised?"

Eliza shruged, "Not a lot surprises me, I mean if we were really alone in the world with all these different variations of every species, then how could there possibly be no variation on humanity other than colors of hair eyes and skin. Plus, I like the oddities of the world." She paused, " Plus, Keegan, I like you. And if you were going to do something to hurt me then why wouldn't you have done it when I was down and out? Furthermore, you treated Elisabeth just fine didn't you?"

"Both very true assumptions, that is, unless I liked the thrill of the chase, but you don't have anything to worry about. And, Eliza, I like you too." He returned.

"Good. I have a deal for you." She suprised him by saying.

This made him a little uncomfortable. Who ever knew this girl, Eliza, could be so demanding, but regardless, he answered, "What kind of deal?"

Eliza smirked, "Teach me how to be alive, because you've obviously done so much living, and not invisible all the time, and I'll give you someone you can rely on to tell anything, or show anything, or just be your friend whenever you need someone."

"What if I want more than a friend?",Keegan countered, matching her smirk with an identical one of his own.

"One step at a time, cowboy, but first I need to get out of here" She answered.

"And go home?" Keegan asked.

"No, Home is where the heart is," She, returned quickly, "and I'm not so sure I remember what a heart actually is, so I don't know where 'home' is. I'll go wherever you take me, I'm trusting you, don't let me down."

Keegan got up from where he was sitting and turned towards the closed door of the hospital room. "Alright, I'll see what I can do. I'll be right back." He said, then left to find a nurse, or doctor that could get his Elisabeth-- or now Eliza, what she wanted.