God, you beautiful girl.
You lovely, your smile
Those hands and that heart

God, you precious girl.
Lending out bits of that heart of gold
Your friends, your tycoons

God, you poor girl.
Sadness woven into your tapestry.
All fingers bitten off your offering hand.

God, you heartwrenching girl.
You lovely, your tears
Those eyes and that heart.

God, you brave girl.
Stepping out into the cruel world
Its inhabitants, its harpies

God, you lovely girl.
Pain stitched into those trodden threads
Crows plucking at your offered hand.

You beauty, your face
A sun in the night.

You beauty, your mind
A lamp in the night.

You beauty, your heart
A glow in the night.

No one appreciates it – but,
God, you're a beautiful girl.


I love you, Erica.