Be still.
See the beauty in everything.
Smile behind the camera.
Use different perspectives.
Take thousands of pictures.
Never show your face.
Let life inspire you.
Give up everything stopping you.
Love your work.
Don't be afraid to capture every moment.
Slow it down or speed it up.
Print your favorites.
Watch it flow.
Use your imagination.
Use an old time camera.
Pray for brilliance.
Be abstract.
Stand on rooftops and crawl under bridges.
Forget hours, days, and minutes.
Live alone.
Never answer the phone.
Turn your walls into a collage.
Have character.
Speak openly about your work to no one.
Don't be swept into the technology.
Shut your eyes once in a while.
Be the image.
Go places.
Create anything you desire.
Wait for the perfect shot.