"Ok, write about a group of people trying to survive a zombie invasion... that's always my favorite at home topic. Make sure to include all the zombie basics if you do, and have a side story that explains why they're there in the first place. Ciao". – Neil Myler

So it's Thursday afternoon, I'm brain dead, and I have no idea what to make of my homework. With that, I turned to my creative writing daybook to attempt At Home #27. In the process, I realized I was in a creative mood, but had no true inspiration on what to write. I put up a bulletin on myspace asking for ideas, and who should reply but our very own Neil.

Neil recommended I write a story about a zombie invasion, something he would do for an at home himself. At first I found the idea to be against my taste, but by ten o'clock that night, after no other brainstorms, I was more than willing to give it a shot. Here is said attempt to make the zombies in Neil's imagination truly come to life.

They sat on a wooden bench, hidden by bushes, in the clear evening. It was the park on Rafton Street, where they'd found peace before. He gave her his jacket; it was chilly, the season tumbling into fall so soon. She wrapped up in his arms, listening to the crickets and the creak of the trees. But there was something more. The two sat upright slightly, hearing a thick sound, almost like someone dragging a trash bag along the concrete, and a low, deep grunt from the other side of the bushes. There was no path behind them, just the woods of the park. In front of them, however, was a clear stone walkway. It was far past eleven, and the young man knew no one was normally out in this place this late, besides themselves of course.

The sound grew louder, and they saw a shadow of what they thought was a very thin man ambling slowly towards them. The boy, puzzled, asked "hello?" into the distant brush, but he received no answer.

"Wait here," he told the girl, walking off toward the figure slowly.

"Patrick…" her voice trailed off easily as she stood up and watched him approach the only other living soul in that park. Well, it wasn't really what you'd call a living soul. The figure emerged into a patch of moonlight, his one empty eye socket a deep shadow and his left leg partially detached and sliding along the pavement as he made his way forward. Patrick stumbled back, his eyes fixed on the horrible, yellow skin on the creature. His forehead was nothing but what seemed bruises and blotches of blood; his arms were flesh on bone, nothing more. Horrified, words could not be found in Patrick's open mouth, and as he retreated, he tripped over something hard and solid. The crumbling face turned toward Patrick, a gleam in his hungry eyes. Patrick also noted that the zombie's stomach was caved in and the skin almost translucent, the decaying mass of person ambling quicker toward a source of food. He was coming for flesh.

Finally finding his footing, Patrick let out a gasp, running back to the young girl he had left standing in the darkness.

"Ashley, we have to get out of here, we have to…" he said, out of breath and words to describe what the thing was.

"It's a... dead thing… a zombie, it looks dangerous, we have to leave…"

"Are you alright? This isn't one of your jokes is it?" she crossed her arms and waited for an answer.

"What?" he asked astonished. "No, I'm serious, this dude doesn't look so good… he's… falling apart… and everything."

Ashley looked at him puzzled, until she sent a glance over his shoulder, her expression turning to one of fear.

"Wha…" and as Patrick turned around, he saw not one, but dozens of dying, or already dead souls only a few feet away, coming up on the couple fast. Patrick armed himself with a rock, then another from around his feet, and Ashley merely fell to the ground in fright, her eyes wide and fearful. Patrick thought he stood a chance. But it would all be over soon, and they too would be broken.

So Neil, though it may not be up to your standards, or nearly as awesome as the stuff you come up with, I attempted to take your idea and run with it. Or limp with it. Same thing.