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Clarissa lays alone in her bed, back in her own apartment. After George had spilled out his entire story she was sure that her technique for rebuilding men was truly working. Now, she is not so sure. Moonlight floods through the window and falls across the bed. Her heart begins to ache. She wishes that George was laying beside her in the bed, not just air. Realizing that trying to fall asleep, at the moment, is useless, Clarissa sits up and flicks on the lamp on her bedside table.

Upon examining the bed, Clarissa sighs. It's too big for just her. If only her parents hadn't felt the need that when they moved they would need a new bed. A nice, little twin bed would certainly suit her needs better, and it wouldn't make her feel so lonely.

She flicks the light back off, falls back against the sheets, and trys again to fall asleep.

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