Through the Thrift Store Window

The girl gazed out the large front window, purely and utterly bored. All day she had been sitting at this counter in the thrift store, waiting for customers. All day she had been sitting there alone, for in a small town customers are not plentiful on a lazy Saturday. And so, she sat there on the wooden stool, leaning on the counter and gazing out that window onto the empty street.

Her only company was an old CD player. It seems strange now that we can begin to refer to CD players as old, when we all remember when they first appeared not so long ago. However, in the case of this machine 'old' is the only way to describe it. The lid was broken, meaning that if you wanted to listen to a CD, you had to jiggle it and then slam it shut, praying that it would stay shut so that the CD would play. And so, as the boring day passed, the girl listened to CD after CD, trying to keep herself awake.

Finally, she put in a Big Band CD, hoping the lively brass music would fill the empty atmosphere in that store. As the machine played through the tracks, the girl's mind began to wander. The familiar tune of "In the Mood" came on. Her ears and imagination filled with the music and as she continued to gaze out the window, something magic began to happen...

Dancers appeared. Swing dancers and tap dancers. They smiled at her, and then began dancing, right in the middle of that empty street. The music grew louder, and the number of dancers grew so that a great company filled the street and the music filled that store. She watched as they threw each other in the air, tapped out a catchy rhythm, and created a beautiful picture of happiness through that wonderful window. The song changed, a slow one taking its place and the dancers' outfits changed into beautiful evening wear and they all began to waltz. The girl grinned and stared at them dreamily.

Just as another lively song was starting, the enchantment was broken. The dancers disappeared like the fog when the sun comes out, and all that was left was that empty street which now had a light layer of snow on its grey surface. A customer came into the store and the girl sighed heavily. How she wished that what she had seen was real. As she rang up the purchases, her foot tapped to the rhythm of the cash register keys clicking. The ding of the cash drawer opening made her smile and she handed the buyer his change cheerfully.

"Thank you," he said, a strange twinkle in his eye. And then, as he left, he seemed to dance a little and she could have sworn that she had seen him dancing out on the street just a few moments before. But that had been all a dream...

Hadn't it?