Do not skip over this or I will track you down and slowly, painfully, and enjoyably (for me at least) wring your idiotic neck.

Like it says in the profile, I plan to start and finish a novel on this website. A real novel. One that is good. To do this, I have decided to ask for your help, whoever the hell you are.

If you click the little arrow button to go on the next chapter, you are agreeing to review any chapters you may see with pointing out my slip ups, giving me your ideas, impressions, and overall comments on the plot, characters, conflict, setting, etc.

If you do not want to do this, I ask you to... well... PLEASE DAMNIT JUST REVIEW THE GODDAMN STORY. (What did you really think I would say, no leave, don't read it?)

Now I realize that these little author notes are annoying as HELL, but there will be no, I repeat, No, and again for the deaf ones, NO comments from me on your reviews or the story in the actual story. If I want to reply to your reviews (which chances are 97 of the time I do) I will do it the way FictionPress intends it to be done : through the link I get in the email saying you reviewed.

Now then, when I say ideas, I mean what you think would happen, what you think would be a good idea for it happening, what you think a logical way for it happening would be.


Don't suck.

Review, and help me damn you.

Thanks! .