A/N: Here's a small piece I wrote on Graduation Day. I suppose everything seems a bit more important when you're about to leave it. Comments are love.

Graduation Day

Sometimes too fast
Sometimes too slow
Looking back I wonder
Do we really have to go?

Can't we just stay
As we are
Living inside the lines
Not wandering too far

Remembering all
The times we've shared
We love each other
We laughed, we cared

It's all too good
To end this soon
It's all too sudden
Can't believe it's June

Well I'm crying on the inside
But I can't help the smile
I'll always remember the laughs we had
Knowing everything we did was worthwhile

It's funny now
How I can look back and laugh
Amazing how
I framed that photograph

We write in inside jokes
Like it's a code only we can know
Will we remember in 20 years
That great sledding race in the snow?

Questions keep running
Through my mind
That can only be answered
With the passing of time

Too good, too much
Too soon, make it last
Too wonderful, too great
But gone too fast

Was it only four years?
Well it felt like more
And now we're graduating
I'm afraid to go through that door

But, you know
Maybe it's time to take the leap
To try new and different things
Think of all the new faces we'll see

We'll I'm not being brave
I'm scared, so hold tight
Maybe that's what makes this fun
We'll get through the night

So guys, this is it
This is the end
No matter what paths we take
Know that I thank God we're friends