now, I doubt I Would change
Anything: after all, everything has its own
place in the course of time, and
a reason for being.

and I have seen visions of the unnatural – such
things are Not meant to exist, and so The
ghosts must resolve Themselves. you
were never really Opaque, but after a day
of brilliant sunshine, those loose particles
dissolved, Leaving something solid.

for such a long time now,
things have been scuttling Over my skin,
biting me, feeding on me. at night,
when the Shadows descend;
and answers are left unknown, I
stay awake, slapping away Ephemeral parasites
that might choose to weaken me
(Yet, while blood brings death,
it also brings

new life).
this sweet, sleepy forgetfulness,
wrapped around Our delicate,
interwoven knot of Uniting light: this is what my most treasured
memories are made of. at last,

this is peace.