Written for a friend. It doesn't really have any plot. Just this random drabblething with a really long name.

But heck, if you wanna read it, go on. :)

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Sign on.

And of course, almost automatically she scrolls down the list to that name, the one her eyes scan over and over again just to savor the identity behind it.

She absentmindedly clicks it.



If she clicks it twice, that opens a message window to him.

Yes, it's a 'him'. She doesn't want to message him, of course. That would be stupid. Very stupid.

She checks the rest of the names on the list, then, seeing that no one worth talking to is online, she opens looks over the titles she's been following, checks some of the interesting-looking new ones, and then decides there's nothing worth reading, either.

What's the use of the internet, she thinks, if there is nothing to do on it?

She opens that messenger list once again, checking (his) everyone's name to see if anyone has changed status.

His status has changed to, 'Bored'.

She smiles.

Oh yeah, her other friend's status has changed to 'Bring canned goods tomorrow for donations'. She was checking everyone's name, remember?

She clicks on his name.

Once, duh.

She knows she should be doing her homework, so she opens a Microsoft Word window instead and loads up the half of the paper she's typed.

She starts on the other half and then realizes she's left her research material at school.

She panicks for a while and then remembers that the paper is due two days from now.

Then she is relieved, and relieved turns to bored pretty quickly. At least she had something to keep her occupied when she was panicking.

She opens that messenger list again and clicks his name (ONCE), then she realizes how retarded it is to keep clicking his name like that without messaging him or anything.

That's the good thing about the Internet, remember? she tells herself. No one can see you. He does not know you're doing this.

And if he did, he'd be laughing at you by now, so why bother?

She opens iTunes. Oh, her favorite band's new album is out! So she opens Limewire and downloads some of the songs. Then she listens to them on iTunes for a while.

But she never finishes any of the songs, because they bore her after a minute or two.

She makes a few new playlists. Always better to be organized, right?

When that's done, she has nothing else to do.


So she calls up that messenger list and stares at his name, thinking, please stop denying that you're only on the computer to hope that he'll message you.

She stops denying that thought to herself.

And then she tells herself, forget it. He has better things to do than talk to you.

Internet anonymity had its own setbacks. Embarrassment would have been a fraction better than nothing.

She moves the mouse to close the window again, and then stops herself.

Make up your mind!

Are you going to message him, or not?

Yes, she told herself, you are. You are!

It will be a friendly message.

You could ask about his last game. Or his exams. Or what he's doing for Christmas.

Perfect, simple, easy. She calls up a message window to him, and then closes it a second later.


It was practically a cardinal rule, and she'd almost forgotten it.

His friends would be on her in a split second if they found out she'd messaged him first.

Not that they would find out, because she isn't going to message him.

But he's bored, she tells herself. He does want someone to talk to. His friends can't blame me for helping bored people out once in a while.


She carefully puts up a new status. 'Bored, as always'.

If he reads it, he might make the connection, and relieve both their boredom.

She waits a minute, playing one of her favorite songs, and then she opens her message window and then closes it, disgusted with herself.

You desperate little idiot, she thinks.

Never in all these years will he message you first, he has his own friends, his own girls, his own things to do--

HIM: hey, just the person i wanted to talk to!

Oh my Lord, she thinks.

Is it possible to have a heart attack at this age?

See, told you there wasn't any real story.

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