so you're basically my everything
and there's so many things i want to ask you
but i'm scared.

i want to ask you
if you would kiss me when you saw me
if you would smile at me the way you smile at him
after you kissed me the way you kiss him
if i could make you happy
the way he couldn't.

i want to ask you
if you're as scared to see me as i am to see you
and if you want this as much as i want this
and if you want me the way i want you

i want to ask you
if you love me
and if you say no,
i want to ask you
if you ever will.

but i'm scared that you'll say
you wouldn't kiss me
and i can't make you happy
and you're not scared
because all you want is him

and i have this feeling
that you'll say you don't love me now
and it's quite probable that you