Now if you don't want to read the rambling thoughts of a fourteen-year-old girl, don't read this because that's just what it is. I was reading the last night and just got the sudden urge to write something.

So I sat at the living room table writing and listening to the radio. I liked it actually. Maybe I should do it again sometime.

Now this thing isn't really proofread. Some of it will not make sense. I just wrote my thoughts down as they came.

Wonders of My Mind

When I think about things I think about them deeply. At least I try to. I'm only 14 years old so I can't let myself get corrupted too early from thinking of the troubles and pains of this life and world. In that place between childhood and adulthood I feel myself expanding towards both. In the deepest and darkest corners of my still developing mind I still harbor those child fantasies and ideals. One of them is that someone will always be there to pick me up when I fall and that the world isn't as harsh as it seems.

So as I get older and learn from the harshest teacher, Experience, I find you can't always count on the people you love. There are times you can but then you have to rely on your own will and determination to get anything done and if you want to go places. I am one of those people that want to go places and I will not let anything or anyone hold me back.

First I too make a those first baby steps for myself like getting good grades and hanging around the right people. In other words make the right decisions for yourself. When it all comes down to it you are the one who is responsible. No one controls your actions. Only you do and you always have a choice between right and wrong, good and bad. No matter how many times you try to tell yourself that what you do doesn't matter. You're wrong.

Everyone's own will and choices make this world what it is even mine. That is why I'm not going to let myself fail now like so many others have at my age. God only puts in front you that what he thinks you can handle. If you fail it your own fault not his. As they say God helps those who help themselves. So when you trip, pick yourself up, don't let someone tell you you're worthless. You have a pair of legs and a brain, so stand up and let them take you someplace worth while.

Show people who you really are or else you'll spend the rest of your life wishing you had. Life is the longest thing you'll ever do, make it count. Give someone smile, wake up early, get something done that you've been putting off for weeks, you'll feel better. I do.

So many people say that they see me being a writer. I can't even finish a story. I feel my writing is best when the feeling just hits me like now. If I ever do get my stories down I want to publish them. I'm not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life but I tell you this, I will not let myself fall short or let someone tell me I'm worthless without making a stand. I will go to college, I will be someone and that someone is Anna (insert fullname).

I have people who love me and depend on me and for them I will go and find that somewhere everyone wishes they had. At the moment my dreams are just that, dreams, but I will make them real, so real you can touch them and then envy that you wish you had the courage to make something out of nothing. Then maybe you to will have your dreams com true. Rise and stand to be who you are.

- Nnaliseaai