Make it stop

Don't think, don't feel
If you keep denying
Maybe it won't be real

Don't stop, don't cry
Just keep smiling
Don't even wonder why

No, you won't let them see
Behind this smile they see everyday
Broken in a million pieces
Shaking like a little girl
Who just lost her way

Be strong
Refuse to feel anything at all
If you're standing still maybe you won't fall

Run from yourself
Refuse to feel what you have inside
It won't be real as long as you can hide

Just laugh, just lie
Keep doing what you've always done
It always worked to fool everyone
You're fine

Don't try
Don't stop to think, don't you understand
If you let it start
You're gonna fall apart
It's never gonna end

It's too much
Too many tears waiting to be cried
Too much sadness without knowing why
Too much pain that you've kept inside

And now you wish you couldn't cry no more
It's way too real, you wish you could ignore
But you can't
Make it stop

Make it stop
Try to take it all back
If you don't think, you won't be sad
Try to believe in the lies they're telling you
They are the only way to get you through

But you can't make it stop
Your heart was open, the pain was released
There's nothing left, all feelings have ceased.