Simple as Orange Juice

Simple as Orange Juice

Crazy as Pie

Lovely as Buttons

Strung for You and I

Pockets full of Buttons

And Buttons cast with Dreams

Dreams Cheering for Life

Bursting at the Seams

Genuine as Pajamas

Common as the Rhyme

Marvelous as your Hands

Holding onto Mine

Pajamas to Consider

Life So Animated

Pancakes are Forever

Blueberry as you Make it

Spectacular as Cereal

Fanatic as a Smile

Amateur as Fireflies

Dancing in the Aisle

Fireflies made Genius

Dimples as it Seems

Moments Wrapped in Peanut Butter

Trade it for some Beans

Impeccable as Summertime

Elegant as a Lemon

Actual as Our Music

Drawn Swimmingly in Pen

You possess the Melody

Allowed that you May

We could have it All

Orange Juice Everyday