Mystical Flames

She was surrounded in serene darkness, the vivacity of the moon secluded by ivory white blinds. It was eerily silent as she gently placed three candles—two pink and one white—in a semi circle upon her altar and a single stick of sandalwood incense in its holder above the white candle in the center.

As the glow-in-the-dark clock struck 1:11 AM in the reflection of a round mirror upon her wall, she smiled slightly. "It is time to begin, Goddess Antheia." She murmured to herself intensely as she retrieved a navy blue lighter. The flame of the lighter flickered heatedly upon her skin as she lit the incense with steady hands. Allowing the aroma to drift over her, she closed her obsidian eyes and inhaled deeply to calm her frenetically beating heart.

When she relaxed, her eyes blinked open slowly; steadily; and with firm hands, lit the white candle nestled in the center of her circle. "Cast the spell in the fire." She whispered, her voice an octave lower as her dark eyes flashed against the candle's flame. With poise, she lit the remaining two candles, left first and then right. "Craft it well, weave it higher; weave it now of shining flame." She continued to whisper enigmatically, allowing the heat to wash over her.

Placing the lighter beside her—forgotten, she reached for her next object. As she lifted it in front of her slowly, the metal flashed lethally as it caught the glow of the flames. "None shall come to hurt or maim." She murmured, turning the weapon against her index finger surely. Resting the blade against it gently, she continued her monotone chant. "None shall pass this fiery wall." Pressing down harshly as metal pierced through skin, she grimaced as crimson liquid flowed freely and dripped onto pure white paper placed upon her altar. "None shall pass; no, none at all." With the same blade, she dipped it into the blood red liquid and smeared it into three words; the name of her love.

Leisurely, she lifted her wounded finger to her lips and licked away the remnants of her blood before she set down the blade. Reaching for the chain with the pendant of a ring and a small crystal—smooth and cool—of rose quartz, she wrapped the chain around it and settled it in the center of the bloodied document. Exhaling deeply, her eyes fluttered shut as she centered herself and concentrated on building up her healing energy. A vivid white light ignited at the core of her being and steadily grew until it enveloped her completely. The air around her crackled with energy and the flames flickered restlessly.

Suddenly, her eyes snapped open and darkened under her intense gaze at the blazing candles. Lifting both hands stiffly in front of her, she lowered them upon the crystal and chain efficiently, gradually transferring her healing energy through the objects and into the recipient who she had bound herself to through the enchantment, her love, and her blood.

She poured her energy into his being through the items upon her altar, concentrating upon healing him and removing all ill health. As the last trickle of healing energy dispersed, she leaned back with exhaustion. Still, she was far from completion. Rolling her shoulders back to relieve tension, she loosened the chain wrapped firmly around the circle and held it above the flare of candles. Swinging it gently in small circular motions, she began to chant again in the same monotone whisper. "Craft the spell in the fire; craft it well, weave it higher; weave it now of shining flame; none shall come to hurt or maim; none shall pass this fiery wall; none shall pass, no, none at all."

Again and again, she repeated her chant, her low voice never rising above a whisper as the chain swung faster and faster of its own accord. The air began to crackle with unreleased energy once more until it exploded and a protective shield of flames emerged wildly and surrounded the circle she had cast, warming her soul. She smiled vacuously, then gave a startled gasp as the chain holding the ring in place scorched her with its sudden heated warmth. Before she could think, she dropped it, the jangle of metal hitting crystal rang out soundly.

Catching her breath with her injured hand pressed tightly to her chest, she cautiously picked up the chain and gazed at it inquisitively when it felt cool as ice to touch. Unclasping the chain, she placed it upon her neck and fastened it; the coolness contacting warm skin. Speaking softly under her breath, she repeated the chant before picking up the once pure white paper, now stained a dark scarlet and burned it with the dying flame of the center candle. Holding it in her hand, she watched entranced as the paper curled and burned until the raw heat licked at her soft skin. Then, she tossed it into her small cauldron and watched the flame embrace the remains of his name in her blood while chanting one last time of her enchantment, thus completing the spell; forever binding her protection and healing energy to her love.

The incense had burnt out long ago but the scent of sandalwood still lingered. A gentle smile was curved at her lips as she blew out the right candle; then the left. "So blessed be and mote it be." She murmured, before blowing out the last candle, plunging herself into the darkness of her altar.