Special Delivery-Thuy

Chapter 45 – Possibilities, Part Two

Reaching the counter I smiled at the blonde woman before pulling off my green rucksack and placing it on the counter.

"Are you ready to board miss?" the woman asked and I nodded. I leant forward on the counter and handed her my boarding pass. She took it from me with a smile then typed something into her computer.

"Well, have a nice flight," she rounded on me with another bright smile as she gestured to the open gate.

"Thank yoo," I replied my eyes fixated on the waiting gate. I took a deep breath then marched towards it, swinging my free arms as I stepped under its looming, metal archway. Ahead of me was the tunnel that would lead me onto the plane and then eventually, home. Behind me, the gate clanged shut.

Well, here we go. I moved to hoist my rucksack as an explorer would before setting off on an adventure. My empty shoulders shrugged heaving a weightless rucksack. My rucksack! My green rucksack!! I left it on the counter!! I spun around and pounded my fists against the heavy metal gate.

"Lady!" I screamed. "Lady!! My rucksack! I've left my rucksack! Excuse me, I need to get my rucksack! Yah, open up!! My green rucksack!"

Suddenly the gate creaked open and I rushed forward before it could close on me again. I hurried to the counter ignoring the bewildered look on the blonde woman's face as I grabbed my green rucksack and hugged it fiercely to my body. I sighed in relief and looked up to smile apologetically at her.

"Saw-ry," I said hastily but she wasn't even looking at me. Instead she was frowning at something else beyond me. I followed her frown. My rucksack dropped at the sight of Peter panting for breath, his dark eyes wild. He drew himself up to his full height and conquered the distance between us in a few strides.

"Peter?" I murmured uncertainly as I recognised the livid fury across his face. He looked at me, and then punched me on the head.

"Yah, I can't believe you were actually going to leave without telling me!" he cried and I watched as his fury diminished a little but only at the expense of my head (ow). "When Geoffrey called me, I thought I wasn't going to make it in time. Then where on earth in Vietnam would I find you huh?!"

I watched him rant and felt my heart melting with warmth; the excess water rising to my eyes.

"Quynh?" Peter paused, noticing my wet eyes. "Are you ok?"

I replied by kicking his shin: "Who do you think you are hitting me like that?" I cried as Peter reached down to rub his throbbing shin. "Ungrateful little—I teach you to hit me..." He peered up at me, wincing under my outbreak of fists as I landed a punch on his arm and then another on his shoulder.

Suddenly, Peter straightened and pulled me into a hug. Undefeated, I kept pounding my fists against his back. But then my arms grew tired so I stopped punching—only because my arms were tired not because he was hugging me or anything...

"Why did you that Quynh?" Peter finally said when my punches ceased.

"You hit me first," I explained indignantly.

"No, why did you lie to me?" he said and there was a heartbeat's silence.

"Because I love you," I sighed tiredly. "Peter, you're a CEO now. You should have someone beside you who can actually help you and make you look good."

"And you decided all this without asking me?" Peter pulled himself away from me so he could study me and I squirmed under his gaze.

"Yes, because otherwise you would say 'no Quynh, stop being an idiot' then smack me around the head," I tried to laugh, ignoring my heart that was beginning to race.

"Do you know why I would say no?" he asked, his face stern. My heart quickened at all the possibilities why he would have said no: he's jealous, he's a tyrannical bully or...or...he really loves me.

"I don't care what other people will think. I care about you more Quynh," Peter said. "And you shouldn't care either ok?" I flinched as I remembered Helena's cutting words: How happy would he be when he introduces you as his girlfriend, a mail order bride?

"Ok," I replied breathlessly. It doesn't matter...not anymore.

"Thank you," Peter grinned and stepped closer. I looked up at him coyly then raised myself on my tip-toes to kiss him lightly.

"You didn't have any peanuts did you?" Peter asked as I stopped tip-toeing and returned to normal Quynh height.

"You'll see in a minute," I laughed. Yes! One possibility accomplished, next possibility to achieve: rule the world!! Well, Peter's world at least.

"I've missed you," Peter said as his arms encircled me. I smiled; well it's pretty hard to imagine but I've missed you too.

There is a lot in life that seem almost impossible but remember; where would the word 'impossible' be without 'possible'? Impossible has possibility...after all, I was a mail order bride and it was that special delivery that brought me to someone truly special.

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