Some days I feel like I'm not even here

Like I stand right in front of you but can't be seen

How can I be here and yet no one notices me

I open my mouth but don't speak

Look through my eyes but don't see

Uncover my ears but can't hear

I scream for help but no one cares

I watch you with your friends and feel left out

I watch you with other girls and feel unwanted

They say if you love someone set them free

But what if they don't come back?

What if they keep the other girls too?

I sit in the corner all alone

And watch how happy you are

I feel guilty for wanting to make you be only with me

And that makes me even more unhappy

I begin to wonder why I bother

When happiness always eludes me

I begin to wonder why I try

When every time my heart gets broken

And so I'll never voice my fears

Because I think you'll leave me

And so I watch the other girls

Because I can't set you free

Forgive me for my silence

But I feel it's the only way to keep you