Narrator: And now we find our heroes on another misadventure in a forest they're likely not to escape from. Sometimes I feel bad for them….

"Oh shut up!" The protagonist shouted at the narrator, waving a sword upward. "At least we have bodies!"

"Yeah!" The sidekick agreed.

Narrator: Oh, what's your problem? Just play your damn parts already!

"What's my problem!?" The Protagonist growled. "My problem is that I am the protagonist of this story and my job is to get into horrible and, judging by our author, painful situations for the amusement of others! And, Gods, have you met the antagonist?"

Narrator: Uh…no…

"He's an idiot! I can't believe I have to deal with him all story long!" The protagonist continued to rant.

"Oh, shut up!" The antagonist muttered, walking up to the protagonist and his sidekick. "You two aren't exactly a walk in the park, either."

"What the hell are you doing here?" The sidekick questioned.

"You two are late," The antagonist answered, irritated. "We were supposed to fight, remember?"

Narrator: I'm sorry. I tried to get them to follow the story…

"Oh, no one's blaming you," The antagonist assured the Narrator. "It's all our 'hero's' fault."

"Oh shut up," The protagonist snarled. "You're part in this story is so much easier than mine!"

"Easier, really? You think so? Everybody hates me, you dimwit! It sucks to be the antagonist!" The antagonist shouted in reply.

Narrator: Look- everybody just needs to calm dow-

"Ow!" The sidekick shouted.

"Are you alright?" The protagonist asked, going to his sidekick's aide.

"Yeah, just fell into one of those plot-holes again," The sidekick answered as the protagonist helped him out of the hole.

"Another plot-hole? I fell in one of those on the way here…" The antagonist commented.

Narrator: Look, would you guys please just play your parts and finish this story already?

"Hey, I think you should do something about these plot-holes first!" The protagonist replied.

"Yeah, they could be extremely dangerous!" The antagonist added.

Narrator: You know what, fine! Do whatever you want! I quit!

"Well, hell…what're we supposed to do now?" The protagonist asked.

"Hell if I know," The antagonist replied.