Chapter 3
Fading Echoes

Her eyes grazed the ocular surface of the world around her; this place seemed familiar, though she wasn't aware of the location that her feet nervously walking through. An anxious feeling grew deep inside the area where her stomach would be, it throbbed and deprived her of any relaxed emotion. It was emptiness, fear, and an intense sentiment of worry.

"Sage! Where are you?" The words leaving her lips rang, though this time not into the darkness; but through a hall of gray stone. It was cold; a shiver took the ringer as she held her arms tightly into her chest.

"Sage?" The exhale of breath and sound from her lips whimpered. "Why isn't she answering? I need her."

"Sage…?" Her voice faded into silence, but what replaced it was a soft sob. Her body felt heavy, too heavy to balance upon her slender legs. As her hands came to her face to shield the world from seeing the tears that dripped from her eyes, she fell to her knees. The smooth marble beneath her body was cold.

"Kaylah…" The sharp clicks of a female's boots amplified from the hard stone surface at the end of the hall. They came closer, until the clicks were only feet away. "Sage isn't coming back…"

Her body thrust around toward the owner of the footsteps, she neglected to wipe the tears from her face. "No! She has to!" Kaylah's voice rose into a frightened scream, each fragment of the shrill sound echoed through the hall.

"I'm sorry, but she can't." The sympathy in her voice almost quivered, she too was frightened.

"Can't we do anything?"

"Not in this lifetime."