I am not myself
as I tie my curled hair
back in the velvety black ribbon
and tuck a perfect red rose
behind my ear
smear on black eyeliner
and examine myself in the mirror.

The person staring back
is not me,
It's just another girl
dressed in black and red
who just like me
doesn't know herself
but is ready to go
to the dance
with the guy
she worked so hard

To think of only
as a friend.

The scented candles
scattered around the room
smelled like roses tonight.
These were my special candles
the most expensive
that gave off the scent
that the flower in my hair
gave off as well.

But I don't feel like myself
and I walk around the room
blowing out the ten candles
and heading downstairs
to meet my friend
who I used to know
but now everything
has gone so fast

Flown away

Wasn't this what I wanted
3 months ago?
Now it's different
I'm torn apart
and I'm alone.