I've Never

I've never dated.

I've never kissed a boy, whether puppy love or teen love.

I've never had my heart broken, just scratched because I knew they'd never like me.

I've never sky-dived.

I've never free-fallen, never felt the adrenaline rush of the brief flight.

I've never experienced the plunge.

I've never admitted my darkest fear.

I've never mustered up the strength to confess it, or even find out if it's true.

I've never told you, "I love you."

I've never blown up something, although the coffee pot came close.

I've never fallen from a tree, had a bottle-rocket war, or broken any serious rules on purpose.

I've never done anything dangerous, per se.

I've never felt completely and truly accepted by my peers.

I've never felt sure enough of myself to act like a kid for once.

I've never forgotten those piercing words they said back in elementary school.

I've never felt that pure freedom, like I can do anything in the world.

I've never felt sorrow to make you want to rip your aching heart out, just to still the pain.

I've never lived.