She hid her face in the pillow, trying to deny her deepest suspicion. The old, closety smell mingled with the scent of her freshly shampooed hair. The tears flowed onto the crimson sheets.

She remembered denying it in the loudest of auditoriums and in the quietest of glades. She remembered walking past the people shouting with joy to the place she could truly be alone.

And yet, she was never alone.

Someone always followed her, trailing behind her, listening to her every thought. She tries to deny, but the mist is clearing in her heart. She sits and hums to herself, trying to make a happy melody, but all her notes turn minor.

It wasn't like all the other times. The first time she just slipped in, not fighting, not resisting. The second time she tried to deny, but the stress crushed her will. But this time is different. She must hold on. There is no way she can give up, give in. She must hold on with her all.

But people know. They know what she is trying to deny. Even her own thoughts turn against her.

She sits, thinking what went wrong. When did her sunshine-filled hope turn to her darkest nightmare?

She dreads going to the halls where it lies. She now fears every moment near it. Interacting is out of the question. All she has now is to withdraw into herself, the only safe place left. Yet even her mind, her heart, is turning against her. There is nothing she can do but plunge in and ignore. Ignore it, its allies and even her own thoughts. And it?

It is beautiful, yet it is her worst nightmare...