War in another country

so far away that it feels

like it will never affect us.

War so ineffective and wrong

that we really stop caring,

really stop paying attention.

We go through life not knowing,

go through life not giving,

and go through life not believing.

Then all off a sudden we find out

that life isn't as peaceful as we thought.

That it isn't as good as we thought.

And suddenly we care, or maybe –

Or maybe we don't really.

Maybe we just pretend to care.

Maybe that's why things are so bad,

even though no one wants to admit it.

So I might as well be the one to say

that things are going down the drain.

If we don't get our act together,

then things are going to get even worst.

If we don't get our act together,

who knows where things will be.

We need to be strong and stand up

for the things we believe in

and the things we know are right.

Believe and achieve everything

that we need to happen.

Believe and achieve,

push by all this hate and pain.

Push by all these

wages of sin.